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Monday, 25 April 2011

Ptv Drama Din

Written by: Amjad Islam Amjad 
Directed by: Ayub Khawar
Cast : Nida Mumtaz, Bindia Ahmad, Aniq Naji, Waseem Abbas, Risham, Mehmood Aslam, Qavi Khan.

Ptv Drama Fishaar

Written by: Amjad Islam Amjad 
Directed by: Ayub Khawar
Cast: M Qavi Khan, Mehboob Alam, Sameena Peerzada, Waseem Abbas, Toqeer Nasir. Begum Khurshid Shahid, Mehmood Aslam, Naima Khan, Arifa Siddiqui, Tahira Wasti, Natasha Sehgal, Noman Ejaz, Abid Kashmiri, Sohail Ahmed, Riaz Ali & Others
The best that Lahore has to offer – a star studded cast with M Qavi Khan, Mehboob Alam, Waseem Abbas, Toqeer Nasir and a very young Sameena Peerzada working under Ayub Khawar direction of a play written byAmjad Islam Amjad – it does not get better than this. A lighthearted play mostly remembered for Sameena Peerzada fresh presence and M Qavi Khan, Mehboob Alam hilarious acting is not only a must watch but also a collector’s item for drama buffs.

Nida Mumtaz

Bhoolay-Bisray-Chehray-17.jpg (433×278)

Nida Mumtaz is the daughter of an old film actress Salma Mumtaz
Salma Mumtaz first movie,
Neelofer (1960) - Ratan Kumar, Neelo, Nasira, Jafri, Salma Mumtaz .
Directed by, Rafiq Rizvi
Nida Mumtaz shifted to Karachi after her marriage. Someone tried to kill her at her apartment in Karachi. A bullet injured her lower jaw but she survived and acted in some TV plays with a little scar on her jaw.....later she quitted acting.

Nida Mumtaz first movie,
Bardasht(1988) Izhar Qazi, Anjuman, Ismail Shah, Nadra, Ghulam Muhiuddin, Nida Mumtaz.
Directed by, Haider Chaudhry.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Sanam Iqbal

Sanam Iqbal

SANAM IQBAL is one of those (few) select personalities fro pak showbiz.. hailing from Karachi who not only command a certain respect but have this incredible output as THE most accomplished artiste.
Typical disdain that this girl, despite immense talents, has remained bereft from the so called pundits of private productions!
Sanam is attractive, charming and knows her character bestowed upon her in very many serials and plays of PTV as well as some channels she has done in not very long back..but relatively in recent past.
Unfortunately for me that I have done but two or three serials or plays where Sanam was also in the cast team.
There was one where we had Farhan Agha and Sanam...and myself. I dont remember the name then it was Iqbal lateef's production for ARY in 2003 for Eid Al Fitr..titled "EID TAWAAN" where Sanam was also in that huge cast where for 7 consecutive days we did shoot at Superhighway, ARY Farm House and a Deluxe Coach....of that ever hilarious eid play which ran for four continous eids on ARY. 
I met Sanam there in details and found her to be an absolute darling.. a complete person highly well mannered and decent and with certain innocence of natural blessing from Allah Almighty.
After one of the days of recording when I dropped her at her place with Tehreem and Khadija Rahman and Faisal Qazi...she not only insisted that we have tea at her home but ensured that we do...and that was her genuine side of hospitality.
I though SANAM IQBAL has huge God given talent which has not been exploited by the icons or proclaiming directors of the current era....
To me she is far far better on acting..then Myra Khan, Sonya, Beenish Chohan or even Joyzz......because in Sanam Iqbal there is talent which extricates the character so beautifully that viewers who understand the semantics of acting...are mesmerized.
Let us all wish SANAM IQBAL a very good luck going forward and I would ensure that I profess to people like Humayun, Javed Fazil, Ahson Talish and Atef..on production or directorial pursuits...that they MUST capitalize on Sanam's talents in most formidible manner.


Zainab (Zaini) Umer was the heroin of PTV drama serial Afshan (1981). It was an excellent drama with a HUGE cast. It was Zaini's first and last drama serial. After that drama serial, she got married and moved to US.
Afshan (1981)- Shakeel, Tahira Wasti, Rizwan Wasti, Shafi Mohammad (late), Qurban Jilani (late), Ayesha Khan (senior). Zaini Umer, Waqar Sheikh. Begum Khusrsheed Mirza (late), Arsh e Muneer (late), Mehmood Ali (late), Azra Sherwani (late), Qazi Wajid, Ishrat Hashmi (late), Binish Hasan, Agha Waheed ur Rehman, Ibrahim Nafees, Majid Ali, Abdul Hamid, Rashid Umer Thanvi (late), Khurram Shehzad, Subhani Ba Younus (late), Kamal Irani (late), Mazhar Ali, Hadi ul Islam (late), Anjum Zafar, Imtiaz Ahmad (late).
Written by: Fatima Surraya Bajia
Produced By: Zaheer Khan
Watch Afshan here,

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ayaz Naik

Ayaz Naik started his acting as a childstar from PTV Islamabad, approached by most famous film director Nazar ul Islam and got his first movie Nahi Abhi Nahi which was a big hit. After acting in many movies, he quitted film industry and did some PTV drama serials such as Dastak, Chand Grehen, Kahan se Kahan Tak, etc. Dastak was first drama of actress Shazia Akhtar. Ayaz Naik married with Shazia Akhtar after that play but divorced her later. Shazia Akhtar is real sister of singer/actor/director Yasir Akhtar and they are first cousins of director Mehreen Jabbar (Daam, Meri Zaat Zarra e be Nishan fame)
Nahi Abhi Nahi (1980) - Shabnam, Faisal, Ayaz, Arzoo, Deeba, Qavi, Rangila
Directed by, Nazar ul Islam
This movie was also first movie of Faisal who is acting now in drama serial Chemistry. Faisal is nephew of old indian film actor Rehman who acted in many Guru Dut's movies.
This movie (Nahi Abhi Nahi ) was also first movie of Arzoo who is acted in Fifty Fifty and in Famous Naz Pan Masala ad with Faisal before that movie.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Shakeela Qureshi

Bhoolay-Bisray-Chehray-8.jpg (417×316)
Shakeela Qureshi is originally from Multan. Great Actor/Comedian/host Umar Sharif married her for a while. Her first drama serial was Samander from PTV Lahore.
Samander (1982)- Mehboob Alam, Waseem Abbas, Asif Raza Mir, Irfan Khoosat, Arifa Siddiqui, Shakeela Qureshi, Nighat Butt, Nisar Qadri, Bindiya, Poonam, Sehrish Khan, Abid Kashmiri etc.
Written by Amjad Islam Amjad
(Poonam is wife of late actor Zahid Saleem (died 2009) & sister in law of actor Khalid Butt & elder sister of model/actress Rachel. Rachel played elder sister role of Sara Chaudhry in Geo drama soap Tere Pehlu Mein's some early episodes.)
Shakeela Qureshi first film,
Dushmanon ke Dushman (1988) - Javed Sheikh, Babra Sharif, Shiva (from Nepal), Shakeela Qureshi, Abid Kashmiri.
Directed by Muhammad Javed Fazil.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Geo Drama Serial Khuda aur Muhabbat
Written by: Hashim Nadeem Syed
Directed by: Anjum Shehzad
Produced by: Javeria and Saud
Cast: Sadia Khan, Imran Abbas, Fazila Qazi, Ahmed Jahanzaib, Firdous Jamal
Fresh Timings: 20:00
Day: Thursday

The story revolves around the ages old conflict between religious ideology (Khuda) and human emotions (Mohabbat).Belonging to the society’s elites, a young commerce graduate Hammad who does not even know the basics of the religion accidentally saw Iman, daughter of Maulvi Aleem,Who teaches Quran to the children of the vicinity. This spectacle brings a topsy- turvy change to  Hammad’s life.Hashim Nadeem got Pride of Performance for his novel KHUDA AUR MOHABBATFrom the makers of Yeh Zindagi Hai,  Javeria and Saud this time show their Versatility.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Ptv Classic Drama Doorsi Aurat

Director:    Haider Imam Rizvi
Writer:       Naheed Sultana Akhtar
Producer:  Abdullah Kadwani
Starring: Shakeel, Laila, Zubari, Aisha Khan, Humayun Saeed, Saira Khan, Abdullah Kadwani, Zara Akbar, Jamshed Ansari, Zeba Shehnaz, Ejaz Aslam, Javed Sheikh & Sohail Asghar
The story kicks off with the return of a glamorous big screen actress of the not too distant past, Mehfil Ara, who is back home after staying abroad for 20 years, along with her daughter, Amal.The camera then reverts to two bothers and their families - Muneer Ahmed (Shakeel), his wife (Nasreen Qureshi) and their only son, Saif (Abdullah Kadwani) - the other brother, Sagheer Ahmed (Jamshed Ansari) and his daughter Muneera (Saira Khan). Saif and Muneera have strong emotions for each other and nothing would make their parents more happier than to see them settle down. However, little known to them, Mefil Ara's return has upset the delicate balance and Amal manages to steal Saif's heart at their very first meeting.At the same time another story is simultaneously unfolding - the lives of Maha (Zara Akbar) Humayun Saeed and Jehanzeb Gorchani are all entwined in an arm-twisting predicament of suffering, compromises and sacrifices. Also running parallel is the tragic story of Maha (Zara Akbar) who has to fight her own personal waterloo after giving married life a second go. Nourishing a secret that threatens to destroy her marriage, she finds that she can no more keep her past from those she has learned to love.
Complexities lead to break-up and a new relationship takes shape. As the story unfolds we see how a father's love is plagued by ego and selfish desires, how a man reacts to making choices between love and fate and what a woman does when she finds herself at the mercy of the man she loves.

Geo Tv Drama Anny

Written by: Seema Ghazal
Starring: Shagufta Aijaz, Jamal Shah, Ali Afzal, Yasir Nawaz, Khayyan Sarhadi, Zeenat Yasmin, Azra Siddique.

Story:The play is based on Virginia Andrews novel "Flowers in the Attic", not that any credit is given to the original writer. Aini (Shagufta Aijaz) is the favourite daughter of a Nawab (Khayyam Sarhadi). She has a step mother (Zeenat Yasmin) and a step brother Zahid (Yasir Nawaz).While the brother adores his sister and thinks the world of her, his mother is scheming to get hold of Aini's property and for this, she plans to get Aini married off to her nephew Zaheer (Jamal Shah). Well Aini has other plans and she secretly gets married to the man she loves, Dr. Murad (Ali Afzal) and so the nawab disowns her and Aini leaves. Eight years pass by and Aini has three kids by now, Uneeb, Rania and Sania and is living happily till one day her husband passes away in a car accident. Alone and helpless, Aini turns to her father for shelter, but the letter reaches the step mother and she decides to play the game her way. Aini returns home only to find out that she has to keep her kids away hidden in the annexxe, as her father is not well and both he and Zahid hate Murad and will never accpet his kids. Lies after lies are fed to Aini by the stepmom and she reluctantly agrees to do as her mother says,thinking that the mother is doing all that to help.Zaheer returns and Aini is coaxed into getting married to him. Things take an interesting turn when Sania dies and the other two kids run away. Zaheer finds out at this stage about the children so start hunting for the kids. Step mother is exposed and all her lies are flung in her face. What happens next remains to be seen.......

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch is enormously endowed with artistic talents and backs it up by really being prepared for the challenges. She is a good friend with a beautiful smile. You first notice her beauty, which is of the striking variety; the kind that makes heads turn. 
There is no substitute for excellence, not even success. The above proverb holds true to model-actress-director-producer, Mahnoor Baloch. A precious link exists between acting generations. This link is which enables the human spirit to soar when comparing artists over the years. One such artist is Mahnoor Baloch. Below is a moving tribute to her courage-and the extraordinary power of love, understanding and devotion. 
As a young girl, Mahnoor showed keen interest in human behavior. Perhaps, Mahnoor wore the smile of an innocent, little girl as she said that she wanted to become a psychiatrist. But Mahnoor was destined to be an artist. That smile, those eyes, they are really something, which boldly but complacently blend to make her the center of all eyes and lenses. It is the stuff of which the dreams are made of. 
Mahnoor claimed her own fame before turning twenty in the modeling world. Later, she appeared in Pakistani television commercials as well. Mahnoor's first stab at acting was in Pakistani televisions mega hit drama serial, 'Marvi', directed by Sultana Siddiqui, commonly known as 'Aapi.' Writer, Noor-ul-Huda Shah, cast included Mahnoor, Ghazal Siddiqui, Badar Khalil, and Hussain Qazi. The story revolves around a village girl, 'Marvi'. Mahnoor played the friend of 'Marvi.' It was a touching story deftly related to the public. 
Quickly thereafter, Mahnoor's identity as a performer began to emerge. Mahnoor and her teammates worked together as conceptual artists for the television. 
Though drama serial 'Marvi' marked the debut of Mahnoor as a television artist. She attained stardom with her role in the drama serial 'Doosra Aasmaan', which was telecast from Pakistani television in 1993-94. In 'Doosra Aasmaan', Mahnoor was dubbed as Abid Ali's daughter who, in turn, lived and made a fortune in Dubai. Cast included Mahnoor, Abid Ali, Asad, and Sami Sani. 
In her real life, Mahnoor liked Hamid Siddiqui, happened to be the son of her father's friend. Their families knew each other for years. In fact, both Mahnoor and Hamid grew up together. They remained steadfast friends through thick and thin. 
Long story short, Mahnoor married Hamid with their parent's consent and blessings. Mahnoor was in her sixteenth year at the time of marriage, while Hamid was seventeen years of age at the time. By the grace of God, both Mahnoor and Hamid have had a blissful married life for the past twenty years. In a recent interview Mahnoor said that 'we are the golden couple. Everything good has been showered on us. 
Perhaps, they must have understood and implemented the saying below in their practical life: 
'I do not want to change you; you know what is best for you, much better than I. I do not want you to change me, I want you to accept me and respect me the way I am. In this way, we can build a strong relationship, based on reality, rather than a dream.'
Reverting to her show business career, Mahnoor became the most enchanting artist of the 1990s and she continues to make her presence felt forcefully to date. Additionally, her genius in succeeding is largely one of character-patience, self-discipline, rationality and inner resolve. 
Mahnoor's acting is fraught with reality. The humane element is always present in her celluloid persona. That believability-and humanity-was powerfully manifested in the 1997 super hit television drama serial, 'Ye zindigi.' Director, Sultana Siddiqui, cast included Mahnoor, Noman Aijaz, and Humayun Saeed. 
It is an enthralling tale of deception and dejection. From this, and a rarely perfected talent of wit, Mahnoor brings her interesting character 'Soha', not only to life, but also into the hearts of millions of dedicated viewers. Background song in Mehnaz's lilting voice 'Zindigi kay sub lamhay yaad gaar hotay hain' became uproariously popular. Most importantly, the last episode of 'Ye zindigi' is intent on draining our tear ducts. 
Mahnoor's unique ability is that she has one of the most astonishing faces on the small screen. Expressions drift over it like mist. How, in the entertainment industry abounding in gifted performers, does Mahnoor stand in a category unto herself? Well, she is a talent machine. That is what she was born to be. Moreover, the real Mahnoor and the reel Mahnoor are very much alike, replete with life, energy and acting. 
In the highly successful drama serial, 'Chandni Raatain', Mahnoor's acting is almost gushing in its admiration. While her vivid persona upholds the sentimentality depicted in the play. In 'Chandni Raatain' as the story goes; Javed Sheikh had no children from his first wife. Thus, he marries 'Maha', played by Mahnoor, who becomes his second wife. 
The play is simultaneously praiseworthy and heartbreaking. 
To talk of Mahnoor is to put applause on paper. Her reputation for quality work stands so high, that almost every fan admires her wisdom and judgment as a performer. It strengthens her faith in her own resourcefulness. In an extraordinarily busy life, Mahnoor has it all, or nearly so. On the personal side, Mahnoor has poured all her talents into her role as mother to a fourteen-year-old gorgeous daughter. 
Today, as her teenage girl prepares to leave the nest, her mom has begun to redefine herself. 
As always, Mahnoor's motivation was clear and resolute in her directional debut 'Lamhay' in January 2000. Producer-director, Mahnoor, writer, Salman Wajih Hasan, cast included Mahnoor, Noman Aijaz, Shahzad Roy, and Nighat Chaudhry. In 'Lamhay', Mahnoor played the role of Shahzad Roy's mother. The poor girl, 'Fizza', from Bangladesh, smartly dubbed by Mahnoor, did the trick. 'Lamhay' is a play of individual sensibilities. 
Dwelling on her plus points, Mahnoor's independence of mind and her ability to focus on her work also serve her well in her show business career. Confidence in one's own judgment, she realized early on, is what matters most. Mahnoor's presentation always carries with it a peculiar vividness that is exclusively her own. Included in the list of illustrious plays is 'Pathjhar ki chaaon' in the year 2000, directed by Mahnoor. It is an intricate story about a mother and her daughter. 
Mahnoor played the role of the eldest daughter. 
Regarding her charismatic figure, the discerning viewers fall passionately in love with her at first sight. From her earlier days in working life, Mahnoor has learnt a lot, and forgotten nothing. Most of all, Mahnoor has been glorified like no other artist in modern times. The intoxication of glory, Oh! How uplifted she would be! 
Mahnoor's intense and interesting performance in the romantic comedy drama 'Kabhi kabhi pyar mein' in August 2001 brought more laurels to her. Director, Afreen Baig, writer, Shahid Kazmi, cast included Mahnoor, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui. The way 'Kabhi kabhi pyar mein' was romanticized is a feat in modern Pakistani television direction. This also proves the fact that Pakistani television crew are hard at work on sophisticated craft. 
Confident, amiable and cute, Mahnoor is an artist who echoes a quality most seem to have forgotten-being real. This woman of individualism continues to exert a peculiar fascination through her acting and her direction. Day after day, Mahnoor receives critical appreciation about her accomplishment. She keeps glued to the pursuit. Sagacious as she is, Mahnoor's performance was outstanding in the television play 'Sila.' Directed by Misbah Khalid, cast included Mahnoor, Faraz Maqsood, Adnan Siddiqui and Amina Haq. The story revolves around a college student, 'Sila', played by Mahnoor. Mahnoor's performance in the lead role vaulted her to fame. 
Mahnoor is not just another artist. She holds a singular place in our heart, and this presence never leaves. Perhaps, more than any other artist of her time, Mahnoor listens to the heartbeat of her admirers. 
Like every sensible person, Mahnoor also endorses the view that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is time to recognize that we have been wasting far too many good ones. 
Remarkable people like Mahnoor inspired some of our favorite television plays. 'Unhoni' is one of them. Cast included, Mahnoor, Shakeel and Humayun Saeed. In the drama serial 'Unhoni' Mahnoor works for Shakeel's organization. She leaves the job when she learns that Shakeel intends to marry her. 
Preferring quality to quantity, that is, a little less, a little better, Mahnoor only opts for selected television plays. Further, nurtured by hard work, Mahnoor spurs the younger generation to better their world. As for her performance, Mahnoor's dialogues has her trademark wit and rhythm, her outlook infallible, she possesses, to guess right, instinct experience, and recollection; she sees true, compares swiftly and understands intuitively. 
Mahnoor increasingly found opportunities to show her dramatic abilities, notably in the stage show 'Hai koi hum jaisa.' Hosted by Fakhar-e-Alam, Mahnoor and Atiqa Odho. The show honors the Pakistani cricket team and singers like Jawad Ahmed and Ali Azmat. 
Mahnoor's family lives in the U.S.A. While her husband's family resides in Canada. Hence, Mahnoor, too, has settled down in Canada. Lately, Mahnoor enrolled in the film school of Toronto and completed a 15-month course in filmmaking. Paradise has been relocated to Toronto! 
Soon, she went back to Pakistan and during an activity-packed trip, Mahnoor produced a fabulous drama serial, 'Shiddat', in which she used some of the techniques she picked up from her Toronto's film school as well. 
Most definitely, we regard Mahnoor not only as the foremost entertainer but as one of the pillars of Pakistani television, a delightful companion to the life of the twenty-first century Pakistan and an endlessly fascinating personality in her own right. 
As for her future aspirations, Mahnoor is more than up to the challenge. Love and wisdom knows no boundaries. With the passage of time, Mahnoor has earned love and respect from her loyal fans. She has developed enduring friendship with her family and her friends as well. In those bonds are the strands of love, of kindness, of physical and spiritual healing. They are the strands of life itself. 
In a way so subtle, so gentle, so loving, Mahnoor has given us the most precious gift that could be bestowed to her adorers. It is the gift of a free and loving heart.

Mahnoor Baloch with Her Husband

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mansoor Ali Malangi

Mansoor Ali Malangi belongs to a village named Garh Maharaja , near Darbar Sultan-Baho, in District Jhang.He is a nice and always smiling person and joking with others. He does not belongs to a big family but he has a big family in size..he has 3-4 marriages and rouund about 25-childrens(boys and girls).I know him personally. 

Maria Wasti

File:Maria Wasti.jpg
Maria Wasti (born 14 August 1971)is a Pakistani film and television actress. Most of her roles in television serials portray her as a Pakistani woman going through difficult times and have landed her great respect in the eyes of critics and fans alike.
Early years
Wasti was born in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, where she lived and went to school for 7 years. She has originally wanted to study Business Management but instead started acting by chance.In her early days, Wasti's parents wanted their daughter to become a doctor.In the day, the only television network active in the country was the government-owned Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV). It would be later in the 1980s that Network Television Marketing (NTM), the country's first privately owned channel, showcased content specifically targeted to the younger generation and Wasti got interested in acting.
First teleplay
In mid-1990s,she was approached by Bakhtiar Ahmed, the programme manager PTV Lahore Centre to be cast in a play called Sarah Aur Ammara alongside Resham, a film actress. The teleplay highlighted a story around two sisters going through the turmoil of arranged marriages.The show was received well with the critics as never before had a show captivated the true essence of gender divide and Wasti's acting admired. She has since done over 50 serials and around the same number of assorted plays.
Acting as a career
Where her parents initially wanted her to be a doctor, they were supportive after her acting skills were adorned. Wasti recalls that her first experience in acting was for the passion of art, but later her parents told her to pursue the career in a professional manner.After her first stint, Wasti began receiving roles in various other plays in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad centres for PTV. In a short span of time, she was commended for being an extremely exceptional actress. She reminisces that people were sceptical when she stepped into acting, but once she proved herself they started accepting her.
She considers Bano Qudsia's Kallo one of her most memorable plays where she had to ‘put on tonnes of make-up to look really dark’ to play a dark-skinned girl who falls in love with a fairer man.This role brought her instant success. In other equally applauded roles, she played a woman victim in Baadlon Par Basera, who is forcefully led into marriage with a man in the United States of America on the phone and when she meets him for the first time, she realises the man is older than the picture she saw him in.
Maria is usually seen playing unglamorous roles involving sensitive issues regarding women in Pakistan. She has played roles depicting prominent women like Salma Murad and Lenin Peace Prize winner Bilquis Edhi.
Maria is known for being outspoken on various of issues women's rights, gender equality and prejudice.
Recent ventures
Wasti has expressed that newer Pakistani plays should portray issues in today's Pakistan. She names drugs and AIDS being amongst the most sensitive.She also cites the reason for the decrease in the quality of drama serials as being the lack of a supply of actors, actresses, writers, directors and producers.
In view of these thoughts, Wasti opened up a production house in 2002, where she has successfully produced several serials and a dozen plays.Her productions aim at the revival of television in Pakistan through better quality and content rivalling the glamour filled television plays from across the border in India.
Drama Serials
Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV)
Kabhi kabhi
Sarah Aur Ammara
Boota from Toba Tek Singh
Baadlon Par Basera
Kaali Aankhain
GEO Television
Buri Aurat
Kuch Dil Ne Kaha
Barish Kay Ansoo
Sheeshay Ka Mehal
TV3 Karachi
ARY Digital
Tere Liye
Tujh Pe Qurban
Aangan Bhar Chandni
Kuch Ankahi Baatain
Diya Jalay
Aey Ishq Hamain Barbad Na Ker
Hum TV
Woh Chaar
Love Kay Liye
Thori door Saath Chalo
Indus Vision
Jab Hatheli Per Chand Likhna
Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Kay
Lunch with Lubna
Mama I Love You
Ramchand Pakistani, 2008

Hina Shaheen

Hina Shaheen (born 16 Oct 1970) is a Pakistani TV, film & stage actress. She is the younger sister of Pesto films top heroin Mushrat Shaheen. She has achieved particular success earlier 2000.
Acting career
She started her career as television actress and acted in few TV serials in earlier 90s. After that she turn toward Film industry and acted in few films Dil in 1991 was her debut movie with, Reema, Shan, but she never get much response and she never get leading roles. After failure in film she turn towards stage dramas. Her stage performances brought her much needed fame now she only work in stage dramas.
She is very popular because of her super hit dance in stages plays. She acted in a large number of stage plays and earn fame from it. People likes her dances very much and come to see her dance in stage dramas. Her stage dramas almost sold out before starting. Hina Shaheen Mujra Cd's are very popular in Pakistan market and it sell like hot cakes. She performed in Punjabi theater in Lahore and other cities of Punjab. In 2009 Due to her fame in stage dramas she get the role in Saleem Bajwa movie Chana suchi muchi staring, Saima, Momar Rana, Baber Ali.
She is beautiful with ideal sexy Punjabi heroine figure.
Movie list
Riaz Gujjar (1991) Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Hina Shaheen, Humayun Qureshi
Dil (1991) Reema, Shaan, Rustam, Talish, Abid Ali, Hina Shaheen
Baghi (1992) Hina Shaheen, Sultan Rahi, Ghulam Mohayuddin
Police Story (1992) Sahiba, Danish, Prince, Hina Shaheen
Ishq Rehna Sada (1992) Sahiba, Asad, Khushboo, Hina Shaheen
Koday Shah (1992) Ajab Gul, Rangeela, Hina Shaheen
Chan Sechi Muchi (2008) Saima, Momar Rana, Hina Shaheen, Baber Ali.
Famous Stage Dramas
Khattay Meethay
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Iftikhar Thakur, Tariq Tedi, Zafri Khan, Deedar, .
De Dhana Dan Paisa Paisa
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Iftikhar Thakur, Tariq Tedi, Tahir Naushad, Khushboo,
Cast:-Hina Shaheen, Tariq Tedi, Zafri Khan, Gulfaam, Anjuman Shehzadi
Dharti Kali Kara De
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Amanullah, Iftikhar Thakur, Kodu.
Nawan Ayan Ae Sohnia
Cast: Hina Shaheen, Iftikhar Takhur, Naseem Vicky, Amanat Chan, .
Zara Jhoom Jhoom
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Iftikhar Thakur, Zafri Khan, Saajan Abbass, Kodu, Shezah.
Shadi Se Pehle
Cast: Hina Shaheen, Nasir Chinyoti, Tariq Tedi, Sakhawat Naz, Deedar, Nasim Viki, Zafri Khan.
Zara Ghonghat Utha
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Amanullah, Sohail Ahmed, Amanat Chan, Akram Udas, Nawaz Anjum, Jawad Waseem, Megha, Zara Akbar.
Soney Ki Chirya
Cast:-Hina Shaheen, Sohail Ahmed, Mastana, Shouki Khan, Anwar Ali, Tariq Javed, Ismail Tara, Irfan Khoosat.
Sohni Chan Wargi
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Amanullah, Amanat Chan, Nasim Viki, Sheeza, Saajan Abbass.
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Iftikhar Thakur, Tariq Tedi, Amanat Chan, Saajan Abbass. Garam Garam Cast: Hina Shaheen, Sohail Ahmed, Iftikhar Thakur, Zafri Khan, Nadia Ali,Nawaz Anjum, Zara Akber.
Main Sadkay Jaawan
Cast: Hina Shaheen, Iftikhar Thakur, Nasir Chinyoti, Deedar, Zafri, Kodu, Sakhawat Naz.
Roti Khol Dayo Part 1
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Iftakhar Thakur, Sohail Ahmad,Zara Akbar, Nasir Chinyoti, Ayesha Chaudhry, Zafri Khan, Sohni, Amanat Chann, Beena Saher, Akram Udas, Shahzada.
Wellay Nikamay
Cast:- Hina Shaheen, Iftakhar Thakur, Nasir Chinyoti, deedar, amanat chann, asif iqbal, nida chaudhri, badar awan, naheed khanam, arshad chaudhri.
Up coming
Pardesi Jana Nahin
Khatta Meetha
Baba Cable
Paying Guest – Full Urdu Stage Show Online
Hussan Mastana Ishq Deewana
Tere Rang Rang
Rolay Nokar De
Khattay Meethay
Viki in Trouble
My Name is Thakur
Chal Mere Bhai
Papa in Sayapa
Pyar Hua Iqrar Hua
Darbar Lagao Part 3

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fahad Mustafa

Date Of Birth: 26th of June
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
My Schooling: Aitchison Model School
Marital Status: Married
Favourite Colour: Black White
Favourite Food: Anything My Wife Cooks
Siblings: Three, two brothers and one sister
Favourite Movie: Hera Pheri, Jab We Met
Favourite Drama Serial: LaHasil
Favourite Character: Veena (Veena), Shaeed (Ashti), Pasha (Tair-e-Lahuti), Bhola
Favourite Fragnance: Burberry Weekend, Silver Shadow Davidoff
Wife’s Name: Sana Fahad
Date of Marraige: 26th of December 2006
Fahad Mustafa is a happily married person very much workaholic and at the same time family oriented. Loves to spend time at home with his wife. Well thats my life work and family.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Arbaaz Khan

Arbaaz Khan or Arbaz Khan, is a Pakistani film actor.He Was Bron 13 October 1996. Arbaz Khan is a superstar of Pashto films. He is the son of top Pashto film actor Asif Khan. His debut film was an Urdu film Ghunghat, which released on the July 12, 1996. He has worked in several Urdu and Punjabi movies too.
In 2003, Arbaaz Khan joined Pashto films industry Pollywood, His first Pashto film Meena Qurbani Ghuwari became a huge hit.
In June 2004, he was married to film actress Khushboo. And they have a son Aryan Khan.
Ghunghat, Urdu film
Bazigar, Urdu film
Umar Mukhtar, Urdu film
Aanchal, Urdu film
Paranda, Punjabi film
Mehbooba, Urdu film
Billi, Urdu
Daku Rani Urdu film
Shalwar, Urdu film
Topa Pyar Da, Punjabi film
Yeh Wada Raha, Urdu film
Meena Qurbani khuwari, Pashtu film
Badri Jamala, Pashto film
Bashtaghrey, Pashto film
Dus Khush, Pashto film
Goroba Raqeeba, Pashto film
Kabley, Pashto film
Khabrey, Pashto film
Mehma Khrabgi, Pashto film
Nave Yaar Da Mubarak Sheh, Pashto film
Niazbeen, Pashto film
Qumandan, Pashto film
Dey Zaan Khair Ghawarah, Pashto film
Faqeerano Sara Mah Cheera, Pashto film
Jondand Mey Jana Sara, Pashto film
Khani Na Faqeer Ba Maney, Pashto film
Kyun Tum Se Itna Pyar Hai, Urdu film
Nadaan Zargeye, Pashto film
Parcham, Urdu film
Pekhawaray Mardanay, Pashto film
Qatil Khok De, Pashto film
Sahib Log, Urdu film
Satadeya Woinam Toba, Pashto film
Lag Da Zre Na Tapos Oka, Pashto film
Sabar Sha Zargiya, Pashto film
Andaaz, Pashto film
Dasey Rata Meh Gora, Pashto film
Ghulami Na Manam, Pashto film
De Ta Yarana Wai, Pashto film
Musafar, Pashto film
Pa Zor Peh Chagla Bozam, Pashto film
Tata Chehilche Mayan Sha, Pashto film
Zamana Satarge Yadegi, Pashto film
Dunya Mey Sta Sanama, Pashto film
Zre Mey Ta Oray Dey, Pashto film
Tiger, Pashto film
Sta Mohabbat Zama Saza Shuwa, Pashto film
Haqueqat, Pashto film
Dita Yarana Woi, Pashto film
Kha pakki khushali, Pashto film
Pakistan zama janan, Pashto film
Sharabi, Pashto film
I Love You, Pashto film
Sharif Badmash, Pashto film
Yarana, Pashto film
Ishq, Pashto film
Sitamgar, Pashto Film
Zakham, Pashto Film
Ishaq Loya Martaba Da,Pashto Telefilm

Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khailvi

Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khailvi (Issa Khailwi, Niazi) is a famous Seraiki/ Punjabi/ Urdu Folk Singer and Poet of Pakistan. He is one of the best Pakistani Folk Singer ever born. In the beginning, He was a Rebel for his family. Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khailwi is also very much popular in India, UK, USA, UAE and all over the world where Punjabi Speakers are lived. Atta Ullah Essa Khailwi’s many songs were taken in many Pakistani Urdu & Punjabi and Indian Movies. Attaullah Eesakhelvi was by-passed the music establishment by heralding a cassette revolution in Pakistan. Atta Ullahj Khan Essa Khailwi is the only singer of the world which is famous in especially one profession i.e. Drivers (Truck Drivers, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers…).
Biography & History:
Date of Birth of Atta Ullah Khan is 19 August 1951.
Place of Birth: Essa Khel Mianwali
First show was broadcasted from Radio Pakistan Bahawalpur in 1972.
First Appearance on PTV in Nilam Ghar (Bazm e Tariq Aziz Show)
First Stage Show was arranged in Mianwali in 1972.
First Foreign Concert of Atta Ullah Khan was in England in 1980.
He has recorded more than 40000 songs in 7 different languages.
Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khelvi also works as an actor in a few movies.
He has the world record on Guinness Book of World Record for the highest number of audio albums (over 400 albums) ever released by a singer.
Famous Film Actress of her time Bazigha was married with Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khelvi.
Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khailwi has three children; two sons (Sanwal Att, Bilaval Atta) and one daughter (Laraib Atta)
Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khelwi has left his singing career and has joined Tablighi Jamaat.
Atta Ullah Khan is an educated folk singer. He has a bachelor degree (B.A.).
Government of Pakistan awarded him with the “Pride of Performance” in 1992. Moreover he is also granted with hundreds of other awards.
Famous Songs:
• Dil Lagaya tha Dil Lagi K Liye
• Na Raati Neendar Aaway
• Sun Charkhay De Mithi Mithi
• Munda Be Eman Seeti Maar K
• Kise da Nahi Koi Ethay Yaar Saray Jhootay Nain
• Ve Bol Sanwal
• Qamwwz Tedi Kaalim, O Sohnay Phulaan Wali
• Chan Kithaan Guzari Ha Raat Wey
• Asan Mast Sharabi Lokan
• Jhok Ranjhan De Janan
• Pyar Naal Na Sahi
• Jadon Is Dunian Toon
• Ishaq Main Hum Tumhain Kya Batayen
• Kise Da Nahi Koi Aithay
• Dil Laganay Ke Hum Ko
• Kal O Kon C Tere Naal
• Eh Thewa Mundri Da Thewa
• Chhala Mera G O Dhola
• Baalu Batiyan Ve Maahi Maiku
• Puchya Kar Saada Haal
• Idher Zindagi Ka Janaza Uthay Ga